4 Ways Dental Crowns Can Improve the Look of Your Teeth

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Dental crowns are a big help to people that are dealing with serious tooth issues. Having a procedure completed to install a crown may be a daunting thing to do. In the end, however, it is a procedure that has a lot more benefits in the long run. Dental crowns not only improve the look of a person’s teeth, but they have practical applications as well.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are caps or covers that are made to restore a damaged tooth to its original shape, size and function. Permanently fixed to the tooth via an extensive procedure, there are four specific instances where dental crowns can make a difference in a smile.

When are dental crowns used?

After a root canal procedure

After undergoing a root canal treatment, a dentist may recommend a dental crown. Crowns cap off most root canal procedures, but also can help patients with tooth grinding problems or decayed molars. These are the teeth that need to maintain their strength since they exert the most force while eating. If teeth weaken considerably, especially after removing the pulp of the tooth, then installing a dental crown is essential.

When a filling is not enough

Fillings typically work well when a cavity is minimal. A badly decayed tooth may not be easy to fix with a filling. There are many factors that contribute to this, including multiple decayed teeth or gingivitis. A tooth that has a filling can still be vulnerable to new decay. Either way, a crown is recommended, even if there are concerns about further problems happening within the same tooth.

To bolster teeth that are small or broken

If there is a broken tooth that is salvageable, a dental crown is one of the better options that helps to preserve a healthy smile. If it is a broken tooth with the root still intact, an endodontist will perform a root canal and place a pin or post in the canal itself. From there, they can build up a structure that will allow the anchoring of a crown on top. Finally, they will permanently place the crown over the pin or post.

To match discolored teeth to natural color

No one wants to deal with unsightly or discolored teeth. It can be especially embarrassing if the tooth is at the front of the mouth and visible to other people while talking or just merely smiling. Teeth can become discolored naturally, but specific food and drinks, like coffee, can contribute to the fading of the typically white color of teeth.

If the staining is not too extreme, and if there are no other issues present, a dental crown may be used to even out tooth color. A dental crown placed over the discolored tooth can be matched to the other teeth, masking any discoloration.

Does a dental crown sound like a good option?

Having dental crowns can make a person’s smile look a lot better in the long run. Teeth deserve to look their best, no matter how decayed, discolored or misshapen they might be. For any questions or other information regarding dental crowns or the procedure itself, contact our dental office today.

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